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Lift Strut Attach Fitting (Video)

53-10-50 Lift Strut Attach Fitting Video In this video we go through the installation process of the lift strut attach fittings on the fuselage frame. Advertisements


Tube Cutting Templates

November 2016, "Technically Speaking Article", Sport Aviation Magazine November 2016 Additional Technically Speaking Articles  Avgas vs Mogas in Light Sport Aircraft (Part 3)In the October 2019 issue of Sport Aviation / Experimenter magazine, We culminate the discussion of Avgas Vs Autofuel into recommendations on how to ...

53-10-00.00 Wing Box Assembly

  53-10-00.00 Wing Box Assembly Overview Builders Data Base Link to Wing Box Assembly Builders Data Base Link to Welding Fixtures Jig Components required to manufacture 53-10-00.00 Wing Box Welding Fixture. 53-10-00.01 Wing Box Base(1) 53-10-00.02 Wing Box Side (2) 53-10-00.03 Wing Box Center Spacer …