Carol Carpenter

CFO Rainbow Aviation / Adventure Aircraft

Carol Carpenter, co-owner of Rainbow Aviation Services, has served the light aircraft industry through standards development, interpretation, application, and training since the beginning of consensus standards development efforts for light aviation. Carol holds several titles in our company including light sport repairman course administrator and instructor, promotion manager, & writer. She spends her time strategizing, and gerunding, and offering excellent customer service – making the awesome better.


Education and Certifications

  • LSRM Maintenance Rating
  • ASTM Committee on Light Sport Aircraft
  • FAAST Team Representative
  • Private Pilot Rating
  • FAA Certified LSA Flight Instructor
  • FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot
  • USUA Ultralight Instructor
  • California Teaching Credential
  • California State University, Chico
  • Graduate, NADA Dealer Academy

Community Participation

Carol has and continues to give back to the aviation community in a variety of ways. “One of the things we want to do as a company, and as individuals, is give back to the community.

  • Manager: LSRM Professional Network
  • FAA Safety Team Representative
  • Rotax Certified Instructor
  • Sport Aviation Magazine Columnist
  • AirVenture Forums Presenter
  • ASTM SubCommitees
  • Past Officer: EAA Chapter 1148
  • EAA Webinar Presenter


Light Sport Repairman Workshops

Carol organizes, plans and manages our Light Sport Repairman Training Program

  • Planning Workshops
  • Geographic Reach
  • Customer Service
  • LSRM Support
  • Rotax Certified Instructor
  • Engaging with Key FAA Officials
  • Aviation Speaker

Aviation Activities

Carol continues to be a leader in sport aviation and enjoys flying a variety of aircraft, from ultralights, to gliders, to certificated aircraft.
Most recently, she completed her glider training and added a towing endorsement to enhance the EMG-6 Project


2006 USUA John Moody Award Winner

The John Moody Award is Light Aviation’s highest and most prestigious aational award.

  • Co-Owner: Adventure Aircraft
  • Co-Owner Rainbow Aviation Serivdes


Hi! We are Carol and Brian Carpenter, two individuals with a passion for aviation — And we’re writing together! (among many other projects we work on as a couple)

  • A Professional Approach to Ultralights
  • Sport Pilot (Airplane)
  • Sport Aviation Magazine