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Lift Strut Attach Fitting (Video)

53-10-50 Lift Strut Attach Fitting Video In this video we go through the installation process of the lift strut attach fittings on the fuselage frame. Advertisements


01-50 Tube Marking (Video)

Another episode of “Building the EMG-6”.  In this episode we look at the process of marking tubing. Pretty much every component on the EMG 6 uses tubing for construction. In this video we show you how to accurately and easily mark tubing for these applications.

53-20 Boom Assembly

Builders Guide 53 Fuselage Builders Data Base Link to Boom Assembly Fuselage Boom Assembly Manual Link 29MB Parts List for the Fuselage Boom Assy. P/N Nomenclature    Quantity 53-20 Boom Assy.    1 53-20-10L Boom Side Left    1 53-20-10R Boom Side Right    1 53-20-11L Forward Internal Stiffner …

CNC Drilling and Cutting Fuselage Boom

Building The EMG-6 (CNC Drilling and Cutting Fuselage Boom) We’ve recently started working on the kits for the fuselage boom. The majority of the fuselage boom is built from 2024 T3 aluminum .040″ thick and all the components are CNC cut on the CNC router …