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FUN-FLY-ZONE EAA AirVenture 2018 Paramotors, Trikes, and Ultralights

Monday night, first day of the airshow. Ultralights, Trikes, Paramotors, and powered Parachutes. Takeoff's and Landings. One of the largest launches of paramotors and powered parachutes on the field.

GT-500 Crash Investigation PART 3 (Final Analysis)

After over 200 hours of video, writing, and editing we have come to the final conclusion on the engine tear down of the Quicksilver GT500 that crashed back in November 2017. Although the Quicksilver GT-500 was totaled the injuries were minor. We show four specific, ...

GT-500 Crash Investigation PART 2 (Engine Tear Down)

Many of you have been anxiously anticipating the release of part two of the Quicksilver GT-500 crash. In this video Brian Carpenter takes us through the engine tear down and inspection to identify the reason for the Quicksilver GT-500 engine failure and crash. Although the final ...

Arrivals – AirVenture – Sunday July 22, 2018- In 4K

Some of the best parts of the show is watching the aircraft Arrivals on Sunday. A variety of airplane from accross the country one after another.

STOL Competition in 4K, AirVenture 2018, Draco the PT-6 Tubine Wilga

STOL Competition in the Fun Fly Zone EAA AirVenture 2018. Tuesday night at the fun fly zone gave us great footage of the entire STOL competition. The big feature of the night was DRACO, the PT-6 turbine powered Wilga aircraft with Boeing 737 landing lights. ...

Fun Fly Zone AirVenture 2018 Ultralight/Light Sport T.O. & Landings

A fun afternoon watching takeoffs and landings at the fun fly zone, a.k.a. ultralight area. Some more of our video footage from the recent 2018 Air Venture air show.

FLIR for the shop

In the August 2018 issue of Sport Aviation / Experimenter magazine, we look at the use of the new FLIR infrared cameras available as smart phone adapters. August 2018

EMG-6 Post Apocalyptic Update

This blog post has been quite some time coming, and much anticipated by those that have been avid followers of the website. The blog postings have been sparse- primarily related to our responsibilities as authors to the Sport Aviation / Experimenter magazine articles, Repairman Workshop ...

Cherry Max Rivets

In the July 2018 issue of Sport Aviation / Experimenter magazine, we look at the use of the CherryMax Rivets as well as the general problems surrounding the use of other blind rivets. July 2018

Energy (Part 2 – High Drag / Low Mass)

In the June 2018 issue of Sport Aviation / Experimenter magazine we look at the drag as it relates to high drag / Low mass aircraft. June 2018

Energy (Part 1 – Understanding the Math)

In the May 2018 issue of Sport Aviation / Experimenter magazine we look at the four basic forms of energy used in flying. Potential energy (altitude), kinetic energy (airspeed), chemical energy (fuel),  and heat energy (drag). Understanding this topic is the easiest way to convert an airplane driver ...