EMG-6 and the FAA

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Rules For Flying The EMG-6
Rules For Flying The EMG-6 We constantly are reminded by other pilots and would be pilots that all of the ...
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EMG-6 Prototype Certification into the Amateur Built Category
Certification. Before we could conduct any flight tests we had to finish up with the certification on the aircraft. Putting ...
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Towing Options for the EMG-6
TowingOne of the concepts that the EMG-6 design was based on was the ability to tow the aircraft aloft using ...
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Corning Airport Information
FAA INFORMATION EFFECTIVE 25 JUNE 2015 Location FAA Identifier: 0O4 Lat/Long: 39-56-46.0000N / 122-10-16.0000W 39-56.766667N / 122-10.266667W 39.9461111 / -122.1711111 ...
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AC 103-7 Advisory Circular (Part 103 Ultralights)
AC 103-7 Advisory Circular (Part 103 Ultralights)U.S. Department of TransportationFederal Aviation AdministrationSubject: THE ULTRALIGHT VEHICLE Date: 1/30/84 AC No: AC ...
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PREAMBLE Part 103-Ultralight Vehicles Operating Requirements
Link to FAR Part 103 RegulationsPreamble Part 103-Ultralight Vehicles Operating RequirementsAdopted: July 30,1982 Effective: October 4,1982 (Published in 47 FR 38770, ...
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CFR 14  PART 103-ULTRALIGHT VEHICLES (Regulations)Contained in this section are the actual regulations that govern the operation of ultralight vehicles ...
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Building the EMG-6 aircraft under FAR Part 103.
Back to Roots-  Building the EMG-6 aircraft under FAR Part 103. The EMG-6 was designed to meet both the spirit and ...
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Operating the EMG-6 as a Glider
There is no official definition of a "motor glider". The FAA does not use that term. They do call out ...
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Letter to the FAA Reguarding the use of Batteries in Part 103 Aircraft

May 1 Letter to FAA Legal Counsel

Response from FAA Legal to May 1, 2012 letter requesting clarification on use of batteries in Part 103 aircraft.