ATA Codes as used on the EMG-6

This page provides the definitions of each chapter relating to a particular section of the aircraft. We are using a modified version of the (JASC) and (ATA) code table. This coding system helped keep track of where information is located for particular components on the aircraft. This is simply an easy way to organize all of the information related to the aircraft.

All of the Aircraft Part Numbering System is based on this Code.
For Example Part Number 53-20-52 shown below.

53 – Fuselage (Assembly)
53-20 – Boom (Sub-Assembly)
53-20-52 – Bulkhead #2 (Part Number)

Link to each of the chapter pages through the tabbed selections below.

Generic information and pictures about the aircraft in Chapter 00 General.

Chapter 01 GENERAL “Click Here”

For pictures and information on the electrical units and components that generate, control, and supply AC/DC electrical power for other systems through the secondary busses.

For Information on the removable items of equipment and furnishings mounted or contained on the aircraft, BRS Parachute, Seat Belts, etc.

Chapter 25 EQUIPMENT “Click Here”
The units and components furnishing a means of manually controlling the flight attitude characteristics of the aircraft. Also includes the functioning and maintenance aspects of the flaps, spoilers and other control surfaces.

27 Flight Controls “CLICK HERE”
The pictorial coverage of all instrument panels and controls. Procedural coverage of those systems, which give visual or aural warning of conditions in systems which record, store, or compute data from unrelated systems

31 INSTRUMENTS “Click Here”
The units and components which furnish a means of supporting and steering the aircraft on the ground or water, and make it possible to retract and store the landing gear in flight. Includes the functioning and maintenance aspects of the landing gear doors

32 Landing Gear “CLICK HERE”
For any information on aircraft or engine fastener that is not associated a specific aircraft system.
Typical parts are generic AN bolts, nuts, rivets, etc.


51 STRUCTURES “Click Here”
For reports of structural units and associated components and members which make up the compartments for crew, passengers, equipment, cargo.

53 Fuselage “CLICK HERE”
The horizontal and vertical stabilizers include the structure of the elevator and rudder.

55 Stabilizers “CLICK HERE”
For reports pertaining to the center wing and outer wing structural units and associated components and members which support the aircraft in flight.

57 Wings “CLICK HERE”
The complete mechanical or electrical propeller, governor, alternators, pumps, motors those units and components external to or integral with the engine used to control the propeller blade angle.

61 PROPELLER “Click Here”
For standalone Motors and engine.

72 MOTOR “Click Here”
Batteries and Electric Power Systems Including Charging systems.

73 BATTERIES “Click Here”