27 Flight Control Sub-Assemblies

This section is dedicated to the Flight Control Sub-Assemblies on the EMG-6. .

27-10 Aileron Control System

27-10 Aileron Control Sysytem

27-11 Ailerons

27-11 Aileron Structure

27-20 Elevator Control System

27-20 Elevator Control System

27-21 Elevator

27-21 Elevator Structure

27-40 Rudder Control System

27-40 Rudder Control System

27-41 Rudder

27-41 Rudder Structure

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Featured Video

Rudder Assembly

In this video here we take a look at the process of assembling the rudder. This is typical construction used in the manufacture of the other flight control systems as well. In this particular video there are a few changes since the video was shot, primarily the change to the leading edge. As with all of the videos, they are so time-consuming to make, that we typically don’t discard them until a new video for that subassembly has been made. And with all of the videos refer to the builders database as the primary source for all of the information relating to the manufacture of the aircraft.

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