32 Landing Gear Sub Systems

This The section is dedicated to the many different landing gear configurations that are possible on the EMG-6. .

32-10 Mono Wheel MLG

Optional Mono Wheel Configuration

32-30 Conventional Gear MLG

Taildragger Configuration. This is the most common configuration for the EMG-6.

32-20 Steerable Tail Wheel Sub-Assembly

Optional Steerable Tail Wheel Sub-Assembly.

32-32 Black Max Wheels and Brakes

Standard Configuration Wheels and Brakes for the EMG-6.

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Mono Wheel

The Mono Wheel .


  • Low Cost
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Build

Tail Dragger

Also known a conventional Gear.


  • Traditionl Landing Gear
  • Optional Differential Brakes
  • Stability

Featured Video

First Flight in a Tail Dragger and in the EMG-6

In this video, Carol is making her first flight in a tailwheel aircraft as well as her maiden flight in the EMG-6. This video is in a reality TV format showing the trepidation of both being in a tail wheel airplane and being in a new aircraft. It also shows the Excitement of mastering the process all in a matter of 30 minutes from engine start to first flight aroung the patch. Well woth watching is you have any reservations about the ground handling characteristics of the EMG-6

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