November 2017 EMG-6 update


Many of you have been becoming a little bit antsy about the fact that we haven’t posted anything new recently. To start with let me apologize for that. Several weeks back now we had burglary at Rainbow Aviation Services which resulted in nearly $40,000 worth of equipment being stollen.  To make matters worse, our insurance company has found a loophole allowing them to reject the claim and pay absolutely nothing. Apparently the insurance policy that we took out nearly 20 years ago and have been paying monthly was a million-dollar policy which protects only the city of Corning from theft, damage, etc. To date the police have not been able to locate the culprits, and assured us that even if they caught them, the county jails are so full they wouldn’t end up in there for more than a day or so anyway. As you can imagine, this whole episode has left us devastated. We just recently installed a $10,000 security system with 20 cameras and a dozen motion sensing lights watching over the entire airport. But still hard to sleep, knowing that any minute some dirt bag can simply break down the door snatch as much stuff as he wants and takeoff. We were able to take out a loan to replace a portion of the equipment that was stolen, and that’s allowing us to slowly get back into the swing of things. Part of the reason for not blogging was all of the camera and video equipment was stolen.  We recently were able to purchase a new camera and we will now be able to get back into the swing of doing videos and blogging.

The two big holdups for progress on the EMG-6, are the new electric system from MGM Compro and the fabric from ultralight sails of Canada. We keep getting promises but still no results. It has been nearly 5 months since we have placed the original orders for both of these things.  While we are waiting for, we have torn apart prototype number 2 to begin the load testing of the structure. We will be begin to share some of the results of that as we go through it in the next couple of weeks.

For those of you that have been waiting for orders to be filled, we are making progress, and now have a very small backlog. We have changed our ordering policy and now are fulfilling all orders through the web site shopping cart. This will allow us to better track all of the parts of been sent to individual customers.

We continue to get a lot of support and enthusiasm for the EMG-6 and hope for some exciting stuff  in the coming year.

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  1. Carol and Brian,

    So sorry to hear about the burglary. Having your space violated like that is the worst. And then after paying the insurance companies for years on end only for them to weasel out of their responsibilities is criminal and typical. What a drag.

  2. Hi Guys! How unfair that you should be victimized by the unkindness of others! I am so sorry to hear about the robbery you and your organization endured. I know such crimes make victims feel terribly violated and I had a similar experience in my business in which the almost identical crime was unfortunately perpetrated by someone employed by me. If the strength you have displayed during past crises is any indication of your resiliency, this upset will only be temporary. Our setbacks only make us stronger. Jacques Victor (Vic) LeRoy SN # 15-23

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