2 Fuel Trucks (For Sale)

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Fuel Trucks for Sale

2 fuels trucks for sale.

$2200 for both trucks or $1500 for either truck

The Open Cab International 1310 is 800 gal if I remember right, And the The Chevy 40 is 1400 gallon

Both truck were running when taken out of service nearly 10 yeas ago. Large fuel tuck was pumping fuel, the small fuel truck had a leak in the fuel pump, but was driving.  Both truck are being sold at scrap price, but someone may be able to put them to better use. Both tanks had some rust on the interior of the tanks, but both had no leaks when they were parked.

Buyer will be responsible for transporting and loading.

We have a fork lift available to help with loading but will not lift trucks.

$2200 for both trucks or $1500 for either truck / Contact: Brian or Carol Carpenter 530-567-5139 or 530-567-5141

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