GT-500 Crash Investigation PART 3 (Final Analysis)

After over 200 hours of video, writing, and editing we have come to the final conclusion on the engine tear down of the Quicksilver GT500 that crashed back in November 2017. Although the Quicksilver GT-500 was totaled the injuries were minor.
We show four specific, simple, and low cost things that were overlooked. Any one of which, could have been accomplished to prevent the loss of this aircraft.
It took a lot of “balls” for the owner of this aircraft to share the flight portion of the video. It is our hope that by sharing what we have learned on the tear down as well as what happened on the flight that we will be able to minimize the number of mishaps like this in the future. Recognize, that it is the comments that can sometimes be brutal that give most people the reluctance to share their experiences. This should be a learning experience for everyone, not an opportunity to beat up on the pilots.
In part 4 we will conduct a complete analysis of the flight portion of the accident. We anticipate that this will also take several months to generate all of the graphics and analysis. Be patient. Even though these videos are a lot of work, we feel very motivated to share our analysis. It has to be making some kind of impact on the general flying public.

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