Quicksilver GT-500 Engine Failure and Crash (part 1) (Video)

In this video we are looking at an accident that occurred in late 2017. This is the first part in what will be a three-part series. In the first part here, we will simply look at the the video footage that accompanies the accident. In the second part we will do and in-depth analysis of the engine failure. And in the third part, we will tie everything together and look into the flight portion of the accident. This aircraft involved was a Quicksilver GT500 with a Rotax 582 liquid cooled 65 hp engine. Onboard the aircraft is the student pilot and his flight instructor. This flight was the third leg of a cross-country flight. The first leg of the cross-country flight was from Corning to Orville California. The second leg of the flight was from Orville to Willows California.

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  1. Sounds like the engine quit due to fuel starvation. When the acft hit the runway it was stalled. The yoke was all the way back, with full right Silverton and looks like full right rudder from the position of the nose wheel. The aircraft was going to the left when impacted the runway. The pilot did not maintain airspeed.

  2. Whether fuel starvation or just mechanical/electrical failure was irrelevant at the time. 1st rule as a pilot, fly the airplane. Period! This pilot did not react to sudden engine power loss in climb by lowering the nose to pick up speed and then flare for landing. Always, always fly the plane first then figure out the issue later if you have altitude. In the case the heck with trying to find the issue just fly the plane.

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