Iolani School Builds The EMG-6

 In Honolulu Hawaii there is a very special school. Iolani high school is obviously a very special place. Instructor Martin Emde has engaged his students to start building the EMG-6 electric motor glider. Looking at all of the equipment and state-of-the-art, modern day, equipment that this school has purchased for their students to use really shows a vision and understanding of where the future lies. Martin visited our facility here in California a few months back to talk about the possibility and feasibility of engaging the students in this project. As you might imagine, we were extremely excited about this possibility and wanted to facilitate the project in any way that we could. The future of aviation really lies in the hands of young people. And undoubtedly the students that become introduced to aviation in such a welcoming environment and are obviously going to be a step ahead. The Iolani school has some wonderful equipment including waterjet cutting machine, CNC routers, 3D printers, etc. It’s going to be so fun to watch the students as they progress through this project. And even in the few months since they started they been making amazing progress. Martin is an electrical engineer with ambitions to build and develop his own electric power plant system for the aircraft. I encourage all of you to bookmark their website and follow along as they build the EMG-6 electric motor glider.

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