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Having rebuilt and built an ultralite, I currently own a brand new Polini Thor 250 which I was going to replace my current engine.  The EMG-6 intriques me as an aircraft that might better utilize this engine.

Please explain the levels of purchase and what is gained by the various steps of purchasing.  I do not have the welding skills, so the cabin welding is a problem.  The sheet metal and fabric work I have skills.

Would a visit to your Corning, CA location be educational on my part?

I have gone to ultralite training with Bill Bardin at Lodi and am intrigued with California flying.


Steve *******
Springfield, MO

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First of all, thank you for your interest in the EMG-6 aircraft.
We have just recently made the majority of the builder files “Open Source”.
This will allow many builders to start building the aircraft without paying any fees initially whatsoever. Or even if they don’t start building they can have access to the same files that the “Paid” builders have. This doesn’t mean that we are giving away the farm. We will still be registering builders to receive a serial number which will do several things for them.
Although you may be able to go online and purchase many of the parts for the EMG-6 the parts availability and delivery of the parts for the EMG-6 are to the registered builders first. And prioritized by serial number. 
There are are also many parts that are very complex to manufacture and are required to be manufactured by CNC machines with 3-D capability. To encourage builders to register we are significantly subsidizing the cost of many of these complex parts. These subsidized parts will only be available to registered builders.
All customer service, updated service bulletins, and builder assistance requires a builder serial number.
We have 3 plans to choose from.
The Silver Level membership is a new option which will facilitate a builder’s who would like to begin the project with a minimal investment. The $500 serial number and membership fee can be paid over time with a $50 per month credit card charge. No Upgrade to the gold level membership. Subsidised Parts Restictions.
Gold Level Pricing $500 for Serial Number and the membership. (S/N priority) Serial Number is nonrefundable. S/N is Transferable to Platinum Level registration for $4500 using a 3% cash discount available. This membership allows for the average builder to start building the project. This gold level membership allows for entry level cost with minimal risk while still building a substantial portion of the aircraft. It also allows the membership fee to be applied towards parts and materials should the builder elect to upgrade to the Platinum level.
Platinum Level Pricing $5200 Deposit for Serial Number and a membership. 3% cash discount available. 100% of the deposit applies towards the purchase of parts or kit. This makes the serial number and membership free. Serial number is nonrefundable. Serial number is Transferable back to the Gold level with a deposit (-$500 and  cost of parts already received) return to customer. Platinum level members have priority access to parts and customer support. This is the most cost-effective membership for those that are 100% sure that they are going to build and complete an aircraft.
These 3 levels provide a fairly diverse set of options depending on your needs and desires.
We are continuing to develop the Polini 250 installation on the prototype aircraft. We are really pleased with its performance and design. There is still much to learn about the installation as a whole. But we will continue to post updates as we continue that development.
Currently we have a total of 11 airplanes going together. The flying prototype and 2 other aircraft being built for optional configurations. There are 9 customers total at different stages of building. Of those 9 customers they are all aware that we are still undertaking the business end of the project. Although we have drawings and plans completed for all the stages of construction that our customers are currently undertaking, there are still other drawings, assembly manuals, and videos that we are working on.
Even if you’re not a welder, we will have pre-welded kits available later this year. All of the builders that are currently undertaking the project are working on welding their own 4130 fuselage frames. This is by far the biggest part of the project and is one of the areas where they can make a significant impact on the cost of the airframe. 
One of the big advantages of the aircraft is that it can be built in smaller affordable segments. I might suggest something as simple as starting with a rudder kit.
You indicated a possible interest in coming to visit us. And were always happy to show off what were doing. You simply need to coordinate your arrival to ensure we’ll be here and available to make your visit worthwhile.
You indicated that you trained with Bill Barden in Lodi,  Bill of course is a good friend of ours, and a graduate of our 120 hour Light Sport Repairman Maintenance training class.
If you have any other questions please feel free to write or call.
Carol Carpenter handles most of our customer requests. She would be more than happy to walk you through any additional questions that you have about the EMG-6
Her number is 530-567-5141
Best regards

Brian Carpenter CEO
Adventure Aircraft
Rainbow Aviation Services
N 930 Marguerite Ave
Corning, Ca. 96021
530-567-5139 cell
530-824-0644 office
530-824-0250 fax

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