EMG-6 Goes Open Source

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We have decided to change our basic premise on marketing and selling the EMG-6. Our confidence level in the basic design of the aircraft is so high that we feel we no longer wish to hold it back from the general public. Working in the model of Google we feel that in the long run we will be able to monetize a project to recoup some of our investment. From the very beginning we have elected to  not take on investors and simply develop the aircraft at a pace that we could fund in-house. Many of the new builders may not purchase very many parts at all, but many of them will be purchasing parts on a regular basis. We believe we can make a living off of the small margins. In addition, many customers will probably want fast build kits which we will be able to supply.

We are allowing the general public to have access to most all of the drawings and plans before they make a commitment to purchase or build an aircraft. Not only that but they will now have as much access  as any of the paid builders. And anyone interested in building the aircraft could get started immediately.

Although we’re giving away a tremendous amount of our intellectual property for free, we believe that by making it more financially feasible for the average person to build the aircraft, that we will in the long run make up for any lost revenue by selling fewer parts but to more Builders.

Our method for encouraging builders to register and get a serial number will simply be based on providing support, updates, and the ability to purchase parts tied directly to the serial number that they have. The early serial numbers will also have priority when it comes to getting kits and parts. In addition we plan to offer many additional amenities to the registered builders.

Part of our desire to make this product open source is the overwhelming desire for the aircraft in other countries other than the United States. This will make the process of working with dealers and customers in foreign countries much easier.

Additionally the amount of work necessary to provide web-based updates to customers holding serial numbers and still providing useful information to the general public seems unnecessary and redundant.

We also recognize that there may be others in other countries wishing to steal our design and start producing the aircraft themselves. And we have thought this through and have a strategy in place that will protect our copyrighted design and drawings. In addition it’s extremely difficult to compete with a company that gives away its product for free. We recognize from the very beginning that this project is a labor of love first and a business opportunity second. We are trusting that the community of aircraft builders will look out for our best interests. With today’s world of social media and the Internet, I can’t believe any company would invest the amount of money that we have invested simply to steal our design and share in a fairy small market only to undergo the shame and ridicule that would Inevitably follow. I’ve seen other aviation companies go belly up with far smaller indiscretions.

We will be holding out some proprietary information from the builders database that we will be sharing with our dealer network around the world in order for them to be able to produce parts locally. In addition we continue to upgrade the drawings on a regular basis.

We believe that this policy change will be for the better and is the right choice, however if everything goes sideways at looks like it was a bad choice we can always change back.

You can help our cause by simply spreading the word about the EMG-6 aircraft.

Post your comments of encouragement or  if you think I’m off base you can let me know that as well.

Link To The Builders Data Base

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