"How To" Tachometer Calibration using a Video Camera or Iphone (video)

Tachometer Calibration Video

Each month we are responsible for an article that gets published in the Sport Aviation / Experimenter magazine. We also try to have a video that corresponds with these articles and create the video and the article simultaneously. Each article/video requires about 60 to 80 hours of our time to generate the graphics, video, and the article. The void in the progress blog is a result of our time being spent finishing up this month’s article which will be published 2 to 3 months from now. EAA has always been a significant fixture in our lives and probably without them projects like the EMG-6 would probably never come to fruition. EAA has been the one primary force in the aviation community that continues to advocate for and support experimental aircraft. So the time away from the EMG-6 has been time well spent. If you’re excited about projects like the EMG-6 then you should understand the importance of the EAA organization. We encourage you to become and yet a member and do whatever you can to support their efforts.

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