June 2015 Progress Blog

June 2015 Progress Blog Archive

6-30 Tachometer Calibration Video
6-25 June 23 Test Flight Video
6-24 Oops Video
6-23 OOPS!
6-22 Flight Testing the New Landing Gear
6-20 New 4 Bladed Propeller for the Polini 250
6-19 Wing Installation with New Struts
6-18 Modifications to Landing Gear Strut Assembly
6-17 Aircraft Is Back on Its Landing Gear
6-16 Tail Dragger Landing Gear Assembly Installed
6-15 CNC Press Brake Back in Operation
6-14 EMG-5 Heads to the Junkyard
6-13 Shock Strut Manufacturing
6-12 Working on CNC Machines
6-10 Aircraft Modifications
6-9 Prototype Aircraft Converts to a Tail Dragger
6-7 New Progress Blog Archive Page
6-6 Get Started Building
6-5 EMG-6-250 and the Polini 250 motor 1st test flight series Video
6-4 1st Test Flight on the Polini 250 Motor
6-4 Aircraft Certification into the Amateur Built Category
6-3 Polini 250 First Test Run Video
6-2 Polini 250 Engine Run
6-1 Final Preparation for Engine Run

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