The STOL Competition that didn’t happen

Thursday night STOL competition interrupted by a brake fire on the C-5 Galaxy that landed just prior to the start of the evening festivities. Jon (Jug-head) Council ad-lib's his way to an entertaining evening at the Fun-Fly_Zone.

Fun Fly Zone – Oshkosh 2019 – Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft

A wide variety of Ultralight and Light sport aircraft doing take-offs and landings. Called the fun-fly-zone for a reason. 21 min of quick-paced take-off and landings. The "ultralight" area as us veterans know it, doesn't get as much video coverage as the rest of the ...

STOL Competition in 4K, AirVenture 2018, Draco the PT-6 Tubine Wilga

STOL Competition in the Fun Fly Zone EAA AirVenture 2018. Tuesday night at the fun fly zone gave us great footage of the entire STOL competition. The big feature of the night was DRACO, the PT-6 turbine powered Wilga aircraft with Boeing 737 landing lights. ...

Fun Fly Zone AirVenture 2018 Ultralight/Light Sport T.O. & Landings

A fun afternoon watching takeoffs and landings at the fun fly zone, a.k.a. ultralight area. Some more of our video footage from the recent 2018 Air Venture air show.