EMG-6 Prototype Certification into the Amateur Built Category


Before we could conduct any flight tests we had to finish up with the certification on the aircraft. Putting it into the experimental amateur built category. In its current configuration the EMG-6-250 exceeds the 254 pound weight limit for part 103 ultralight aircraft.



Certification of the aircraft is a pretty simple process but requires a lot of paperwork and meeting additional regulations. One of the requirements is that the aircraft has a fireproof data plate permanently affixed to the aircraft.



All of the instrumentation switches are required to be placarded.



Once again placard in required by the new version of 8130.2H requiring a cockpit placard listing the limitations that the designer or builder has placed on the aircraft design.



Fuel quantity and type is a required placard on the fuel tank.



N numbers, 2 inch numbers are acceptable on experimental aircraft.



And the word experimental in 2 inch letters at the cockpit entrance.


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