Kitty Hawk’s prototype all electric air taxi “Cora”

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  1. Emission free?, pollution free? Please, unless your batteries are recharged from wind or solar your vehicle is powered by nuclear, nat. gas, or coal. The batteries, are they manufactured pollution free? The airframe, probably made from a form of plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber, are they manufactured pollution free? You undermine your credibility when you make such sweeping claims. There are always huge tradeoffs. As a 30 year airline pilot and military pilot before that, I have to just smile at the simplistic notion of autonomous or semi autonomous air taxis for daily commutes. I live near Atlanta, Ga. Where several thousand people commute to/from work. They can’t drive without killing scores of people each year and you’re going to put them in the air? I hope they will be flying over your house and not mine.

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