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We finally settled on our next electric propulsion system. MGM Compro REX 30 is on order, and Martin Dvorsky, the owner of MGM Compro as promised to have a motor and controller for us to display at the upcoming 2017 AirVenture airshow in Oshkosh Wisconsin. We have been working on this project with Martin for quite some time now. We are trying to have a complete system supplied by MGM Compro that will be basically plug-and-play for EMG-6 customers. Everything from the batteries, battery management system, charging systems, instrumentation, motor, and ESC controller. We will be undergoing all of the flight testing before we have a recommended package for the EMG-6 customers. The whole goal of this is to have a perfectly matched, reliable, electric motor system that can be basically bolted in the aircraft with minimal knowledge about electric power plant systems. We will document the installation and testing of this powerplant system from day one you apprised of all of our difficulties as well as successes. These guys have been doing this for quite some time now and are starting to become 1 of the leaders in the industry. They have a whole series of successes on other aircraft and looking through the documentation for the motor, controller, BMS, etc. it’s obvious that they know what they’re doing. Although much of this information is proprietary we will try and share with you as much information as possible as we proceed through the testing and installation procedures. Obviously the timing is not great for having a flying electric airplane at the years airshow. But that being said, it’s so crazy at the air show anyway that it’s best to have a known quantity that has been very well tested before you put it into the arena of all the craziness of Oshkosh. I can make you this promise though, next year we will have a flying electric EMG-6 at the air show come hell or high water.

Visit The MGM Compro Web Site

MGM Compro Web Site “Click Here”

This was the design information that we provided to MGM Compro so they could match the windings of the motor specifically for our application.

  • Design speed for aircraft 60 MPH
  • Prop RPM (direct drive) Max 4200RPM
  • Max Torque ~ 50 ftlbs
  • Cruise rpm ~ 3000 RPM
  • Cruise Power Requirement ~12-16 KW
  • Recommended prop  3 blade 48-24
  • Aircraft gross wt 750Lbs
Picture Gallery for the REX 30 and the Controler

The Song Aircraft is also using the REX 30 Motor and same Controler

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