Syncmaster Rans Installation

This post will focus on the installation and testing of the Syncmaster throttle system that we have installed on our Rans S6 Coyote.

March 01 2017

We begin the process of installing the Syncmaster throttle system with selecting a location to mount the Syncmaster.

For the installation of the Syncmaster on the Rans we decided to install it on the firewall. We chose to mount it in the radiator box as you can see in this photo.

We need to remove the stop lever on both carburetors and drill a hole 14 mm from center. You can see in this photo we have positioned the hole opposite the stock hole. This is done to allow the throttle arm spring be mounted to idle instead of full throttle. In this instance we found that we did need to install an after market spring. The stock spring was just a little week and caused the idle synchronization to wonder a bit with each full to idle throttle test. After changing the spring we had no issues and the idle synchronization was stable.


We then remove the stock cable mounting hardware from the Bing carburetors. Then we install the Syncmaster throttle cable mounts.

At this point we need to determine cable lengths. Then we decide on routing and finish up the installation.

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