Tube Marking Tools

Tube Marking Tools

For the builders that are building the EMG-6 from plans and the basic kits, There are a lot of holes that need to be drilled in the tubing throughout the build process. As a result we have developed a series of tube marking tools to assist us in the shop for ensuring accuracy during the marking and drilling process. And although we have many of the parts being manufactured with CNC machinery, there are still a significant number of tubes that need to be marked and drilled during the manufacturing and especially assembly process.

We have found these tools to be so useful in the shop that we have decided to make them available to the builders of the EMG-6. This series of tube marking tools that can significantly improve the ease and accuracy of marking round tubing.
These tube marking tools have a multitude of features which can only be created practically through the use of  3-D printing technology.

The tube marking tools are manufactured from 3-D printed ABS plastic, and are color-coded to easily identify each size. From 1/2″ up to 2″ in 1/8″ increments. These are the standard tubing sizes used in the aviation industry.


1.  Color-Coded for Easy Identification
2.  Radial marking guide in 15° increments
3.  “V” marking slots for super precision.
4.   Alignment pin holes for   1/16, 1/8,  3/16, 1/4
5.  Non-marring 1/4-20 nylon thumbscrew for secure positioning.
6.  Center punch holding fixture.
7.  Lanyard attachment hole.
8.  Size markings embossed on housing.
9.  Perimeter marking guide on base.
10.  Manufactured from Non-marring ABS plastic.
11.  Precision marking slots at 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360°
12.  Available in all standard tube sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inches.

If you have your own 3-D printer and you wish to print these parts yourself you can Visit the builders database where we have both STL files that anyone can use, and individuals with the Zortrax M 200 printer can use the Z code files that are supplied. The Z-code files have the part already pre-oriented and set up with the pre-established printing parameters that ensure accuracy and consistency.

For those that do not have their own 3-D printer and do not wish to invest the nearly 40 hours of 3-D printing time necessary to make a set of these, you can purchase them directly from the web store.

Keep in Mind that it may take a few days to upload all of  parts to the web store.  Patients Please

Purchase tube marking tools individually or as a complete set.

Tube Size   Color                  Cost       Time to Print

1/2          Cool Grey                $6.45       1 h  41 m
5/8          Sky Blue                  $7.65       1 h  58 m
3/4          Red                          $8.70       2 h  11 m
7/8          Blue                        $9.75        2 h  23 m                 
1             Black                       $10.95     2 h  36 m
1 1/8      Yellow                     $11.85      2 h  48 m
1 1/4      Green                      $13.05      3 h   0 m
1 3/8      White                      $14.10      3 h   13 m
1 1/2      Orange                    $15.15      3 h   27 m
1 5/8      Sky Blue                 $16.05      3 h   37 m
1 3/4      Android Green       $16.65       3 h   43 m
1 7/8      Blue                      $18.15        4 h    1 m
2           Warm Grey            $19.35        4 h    13 m

Complete Set                     $142.85

Purchase the entire 13 piece set and receive a $25 discount plus a free storage container.

13 piece complete set with storage container  $142.85

Using the  tube marking tools.

 (Under Construction)
1.  Keep the ABS plastic tools away from solvents, paints, acetone and other chemicals that may melt or dissolve the ABS plastic.
2. The 3-D printed ABS parts are fairly rugged however you should not be using a hammer aggressively to use the center punch feature.

There is much more information about these tube marking tools that we will add over the next few weeks.

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