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On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:04 PM,  Francesco  wrote:

Good Morning, what is the cost of a basic kit of your ep motoglider?

is it possible to buy from Italy and have it shipped?

thank you in advance
best regards



Thank you for your inquiry about our EMG-6. Let me summarize the current status of our production and kit availability.
Currently there are only 11 aircraft that are flying or in production. The first prototype which you’ve likely seen many videos and information about which has flown with an electric power plant and is now currently flying with a two-stroke Polini 250 motor, the second prototype which is the higher performance (LD) version of the aircraft which is nearing completion. And the third prototype which is currently being used in the development of the builder video series and the development of building manuals and instructions.
The remaining 9 aircraft are customer airplanes in different stages of completion. None of which have been completed as of yet. All of these aircraft are being built as the higher performance (LD) version of the aircraft which is covered with dope and fabric and will not fall into the part 103 category as a ultralight aircraft weighing less than 254 pounds. These builders are the early adopters that are also helping to develop the aircraft building procedures and provide regular feedback about the instruction manuals, the videos, and the overall build of the aircraft. All of these builders are also aware that the kits and components are still being developed and are primarily the builders that are interested in doing most of the work themselves including the welding of the 4130 steel components which include the fuselage frame. The company is currently able to provide components to all of our customers that currently have airplanes under construction. Supporting these early adopters is our number one priority at this point in time providing them with as much  support as possible

We continue to work on the overall development of the kit components as well as the fast build kits that will be available eventually. Complete kits should be available that meet the requirements of the 51% rule as an amateur built aircraft by this summer. Quick build kits should become available near or after the end of this year. For those that are doing most of the building themselves we anticipate the cost to construct the airframe minus the power plant will be in the neighborhood of $12,000 for the high-performance version and for the ultralight version of the aircraft we anticipate around $10,000. These parts, components, and kits are still under development and as of yet not been finalized.
We have made no promises to deliver any kits that are complete at this stage of the game and are concentrating on supplying components to the existing builders as they need them. Our recommendation is that you continue to wait until development is further along for the complete kits if that’s your interest. We are still supporting those builders that would like to get started immediately and can supply all of the components and plans to those builders immediately.
One of the unique characteristics of the aircraft is where putting a tremendous amount of effort into making all of the drawings and information available on our builders database that you will have access to once you sign up and receive a serial number. Because of the high cost of shipping we anticipate that if you are a true aircraft builder you may be able to purchase the substantial portion of the large components locally in your country and start building immediately. All of the smaller components are much easier to ship via UPS or FedEx.
Although this remains an ongoing project we anticipate having a builder video for every single segment of the aircraft build. We have received a tremendous amount of feedback about how helpful the builder video series is for the existing builders. We would love to hear a little bit more about your building experience and your desires so that we can provide you some better feedback on our recommendations on how to proceed.

Brian Carpenter CEO
Adventure Aircraft
Rainbow Aviation Services
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11:33 AM (4 hours ago)

to Brian
I am an expert race car builder, i have a bachelor degree in engineering, so building the aircraft is not a big trouble.
I fly with a tecnam p92.
Obviously i understand all your reasons and i want to make my biggest compliments for what u did!
Thanks for your time
It sounds like you would be a perfect candidate for building the EMG-6.  To get started building the aircraft would be as simple as registering as a builder with one of the many options that we have.
 This will give you access to the most current builder database with all of the drawings, 3-D models, welding fixtures, etc.
By building most of the aircraft your self and buying only the basic kit components you could easily save between $6000 and $8000 on the high-performance (LD) qiuckbiuld version of the aircraft. 
Most people that have started building the aircraft are starting with the welding of the fuselage frame assembly.  And the fueslage Boom Assembly.
We have all of the DXF files on the builders database that will allow you to take the files to a local cabinet shop with a CNC machine and have all of the welding fixtures cut out of (4) sheets of MDF or plywood.
When you are finished with the welding fixtures you would probably be able to sell those to another builder to recoup your costs for the welding fixtures. In the United States here we have multiple builders and we have several sets of welding fixtures that get rented to each of the builders while there building their fuselage frame and then get transferred to the next builder. 
If you have an interest in becoming a representative for the EMG-6 in Italy there would be other opportunities for you like renting out your welding fixtures to other builders as they come on board.
There are many other videos about the building process on the YouTube channel.
We continue to put an extraordinary amount of effort into the ability to make this aircraft easy to manufacture. In the builders database we are supplying many of the drawings for manufacturing a large majority the of the components. This will make it much easier for the supply chain to remain local in other countries other than the United States. As we set up a dealer network it may be much more conducive to have some of the components manufactured locally rather than paying for the shipping costs from the United States.

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