27-41-00 Rudder Assembly LD

27-41-00 Rudder Assembly LD

This is an overview of the drawings that are located in chapter 27-41 for the rudder assembly within the builders database. 
Keep in mind that the drawings that are located within the progress blog do not get updated as time goes on. Only the drawings that are located within the builders database. Our current and up-to-date and have the most recent revisions.

These are simply for the purpose of sharing the contents of the builders database and providing general information about the building process. There are many individuals that follow the progress blog that will probably never have the opportunity to build the airplane but enjoy the whole process of watching the process unfold virtually.
The drawings contained within the builders database also contain PDF drawings, And E drawings where the builder can manipulate the individual parts as well as sub-assemblies in a 3-D environment.


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