Fuselage Boom Assembly Bulkhead #3 Chapter 53-20-53

53-20-53 Bulkhead #3

Each one of the bulkheads that are manufactured for the fuselage boom assembly are referenced in a 7 page PDF document.
This document can be utilized by the builder of the aircraft as well as the technicians within the shop that are manufacturing the parts.
Page 1 of the PDF shows and overall view of the flat layout and reference dimensions that can be used for many different purposes during the building as well as during the manufacturing of the components from the technician standpoint in the shop.
Page 2 of the PDF file shows the bulkhead as it is manufactured giving references to the final dimensions to be used for inspection as well as an overview of the orientation of the part with the bend dimensions in the final configuration.
Page 3 of the PDF file contains and in context representation of the orientation of the part in relationship to the entire fuselage boom assembly.
In addition to the in context drawing. There is also a E drawings file that can be downloaded from the builder database to be able to manipulate the entire boom assembly in a 3-D environment with the function to be able to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, pan, Cross-section, and even measure components within the assembly.
Page 4 of the PDF file contains the bending data for manufacturing the part when using a press brake.
The principles here are the dimensions are laid out so that the bend lines are in relationship to the bend allowance that allows a reference from the edge of material to a centerline bend.
In the shop. This is our primary method for manufacturing parts as we have a CNC press brake that allows us to set the backstop exactly to the dimensions given on the drawing.
Page 5 of the PDF file contains the bending data for manufacturing the part when using a finger brake.
These principles here are dimension then laid out for both a standard and the alternate method of bending the parts using a finger brake and marking the site line in relationship to bend allowance in order to achieve the proper bend.
Page 6 and 7 of the PDF file are 100% scale drawings of the flat layout with the bend allowance marks in place.
This allows an individual builder that wishes to manufacture his own bulkheads. The ability to print these files on a home printer at 100% scale and then using contact cement glue them to a piece of sheet metal using the drawing template as a guide for both drilling and cutting of the bulkhead.
On the large bulkheads like bulkhead number 3. It will require 2 sheets of paper in order to make up the full-size bulkhead.
On the smaller bulkheads. The entire bulkhead can be printed on a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper
Alignment marks are included on the drawing so that after printing the 2 individual drawings they can be taped together to create a single template.

Each and every one of the components that make up the fuselage boom assembly have a set of drawings very similar to the bulkhead #3 drawings set.

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