Aircraft Is Back on Its Landing Gear

New Landing Gear

Today we finish the installation of the tail dragger landing gear assembly. In this picture here were finishing up the final installation of all of the an hardware that will be installed for the final time.

Although the pictures not quite in focus this is the right hand side landing gear brake disc and caliper assembly.

Once we had finalized the installation we went ahead and set the aircraft back on to the ground. We still have some modifications to do to the tail wheel assembly which will raise the aircraft just a little bit more. But we still have even in this configuration about 4 1/2 to 5 inches of ground clearance with the propeller.

We have temporarily installed the landing gear brake cables onto handles located on the left-hand control stick.

Our flush mounted axle had to be modified to accept a Allen wrench due to the high friction torque from the nylock nut that holds the axle in place.

The left hand wheel assembly with the rotor and brake caliper installed.

A top-down view showing the clearances involved with the brake calipers.

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