Shock Strut Manufacturing

Building The Shock Struts

We have begun the process of building the shock strut’s for the prototype aircraft.

The fork ends are manufactured by bending the sheet-metal tabs into and then inserting them into the 4130 tube.

Once the tabs have been inserted in the proper distance onto the tube we can begin the process of welding.

By using a 1/4 inch piece of aluminum and a bolt through the end fitting we can make sure that the fitting holes are aligned parallel and spaced exactly the right distance apart during the welding process. Once the edge of the tube has been welded we simply hammer down the very and and continue the weld around making a continuous need on the fitting.

These are the fitting ends for the shock strut spring assembly. One welded and one about to be welded.

Once the end fittings have been welded in place we simply weld on a washer around the perimeter of the one and 1/8 inch diameter times .058 wall thickness 4130 tube.

Once the springs have been inserted onto the lower section of the shock strut we can see the shock assembly beginning to take shape.

Machining the slider slot into the shock strut arm.

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