March 2015 Progress Blog

March 2015 Progress Blog Archive

3-30 Aero Tow Video    
3-29 Aero Tow Release Hook    
3-28 Aerial Pictures    
3-28 Flight Tracking in Google Earth    
3-27 EMG-6 1st Tow with GT-500    
3-27 Camera Mounts for Towing Video    
3-27 Installation of Power Cut off Contactors    
3-26 Polini Thor 250 DS Two-Stroke Engine    
3-26 Instrument Panel Modifications    
3-25 Instrument Panel Frame Installation    
3-25 Shipping Components    
3-25 Antenna Installation    
3-24 Carbon Fiber Motor Fairing Installation    
3-24 Twist Welding Video    
3-23 Inventory Stocking Fuselage Components    
3-22 The Passing Of Bill Boot    
3-20 Memorial Tribute    

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