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August 2014 Progress Blog

August 2014 Progress Blog Archive
8-29-2014 Progress Blog on Vacation
8-28-2014 Tubing Cut List and Tube Cutting Templates Availble
8-27-2014 1st Welding Fixtures Ship
8-26-2014 Propeller Blade Design Failures
8-25-2014 Propeller Blade Concept 3&4
8-25-2014 Battery Update
8-16-2014 New Propeller Blades for Self Launch
8-11-2014 E Drawings of the Welding Fixtures
8-10-2014 CNC Cut Welding Fixtures
8-8-2014 Home Again
8-6-2014 EAA Hints for Homebuilder’s
8-2-2014 Dan Johnson Interview
8-2-2014 EAA photo shoot
8-1-2014 Air Venture 2014 in Oshkosh Wisconsin
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