June 2014 Progress Blog

June 2014 Progress Blog Archive

June 29 EMG-6-TD (Production Prototype #3)
June 28 Mating the Fuselage Boom Assembly to the 4130 Steel Frame Assembly
June 28 Main Landing Gear Components
June 27 Streamline Wing Strut Shipment Arrives
June 27 Production Prototype #2 Welding Continues
June 27 Forward Spar Wing Fold Fittings
June 26 4130 Steel Frame for Production Prototype #2
June 26 Motor Fairing Molds
June 25 Rear fuselage fairing installation on prototype #2 and #3
June 25 Motor Mount Bushings
June 25 Large Shipment from Quicksilver Aeronautics
June 24 Battery Module Installation in Passenger Seat
June 22 Throttle Position Switch Installation
June 21 Battery Charging System
June 21 Throttle Switch Potentiometer Installation
June 21 Motor and Controller Swapout
June 15 Composites 101 (vacuum bagging a carbon fiber parts)
June 14 Older flight training videos added to the YouTube channel
June 13 Aft Fuselage Fairing for production prototypes
June 12 Motor Mount Installation
June 11 Composite molds get rigid frames
June 10 Completion of 8 battery modules
June 6 Aero Tow flight testing begins.
June 6 Aero Tow Video
June 4 Stackable Battery Modules
June 3 Quicksilver Sport Aero tow system testing
June 1 Nose cone and aircraft center section composite molds

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