55-21 Horizontal Stabilizer Kit


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This is the entire structure of the horizontal stabilizer. All sheet metal parts are made from 2024T3 Aluminum. They are CNC cut, match drilled, and bent. All tubes are made from 6061T6 aluminum. P/N 55-21-36 Outboard Rib is made of polystyrene foam.


* Deburring, flange adjustment, cutting to length, and drilling may be required.

* Rivets are not included in this kit. You will need 16 BSPQ-64 aluminum, 84 BSPS-42 aluminum, 12 CCP-42 stainless , and 24 CCP-44 rivets to complete the build.

* All hardware/accessories for the horizontal stabilizer (including rivets) can be purchased in the horizontal stabilizer hardware kit.