Hegar Wheels and Axles Set of (2)


Set (2)   5 inch Hegar wheel Assemblies

(2) 5″x 2″ Wheel Halves with Valve Stem Hole

(2) 5″x 2″ Wheel Halves without Valve Stem Hole

(2) Centerline wheel Joiners for use as Tubeless Wheels

(2) Hardware Kits

(2) 5/8 X 8′ Axles Included Normally $20.00 each

Centerline hub designed for use as a nose wheel.

We were modifying the wheel halves with an adapter to allow us to use bicycle breaks on the EMG-6.

These were purchased as new for inventory. However we are now offering the Black Max wheel and brake system as standard equipment on the EMG-6. Although the original prototype EMG-6 used the Hagar wheel system we are no longer supporting that installation.

We do still have some of the hubs that adapt to the bicycle brake system in stock.

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