Ruston Stevens

Shop Mechanic Assistant; Rainbow Aviation / Adventure Aircraft

Aviation Mechanic in training, When there is a task a job to be done, i’m always there to solve and fix the issue. I work alongside with Brian in everything he does. Learning new things everyday. I have mechanical background from growing up fixing anything with a motor. I’m here to make task and jobs easier for Brian, Peggy, and Carol when and where ever I am needed.

Get to Know Our Assistant Mechanic

  • Provides Support for our Entire Team
  • Keeps up on shop maintenance
  • Helps introduce new ideas and stratagies
  • Helps set up for Rainbow Aviation’s annual classes
  • Helps With demonstrations and class projects
  • Always there when i’m needed
  • Well rounded computer skills with Html, JavaScript, Python, Dreamweaver, and wordpress


Key areas of experience include:

  • Most computer software
  • Welding
  • Engine Mechanics
  • Website Design
  • Training and Demonstration
  • Data Input


After Office Hours –

Ruston has a huge appreciation for classic cars mostly European and Japanese originated cars also known as “Imports” He spends most of his time working with his 1984 Mazda Rx7 GSL or his 1984 Nissan/Datsun 300ZX because there is never nothing wrong with an old car.