Ultimate 48″ 16 Gauge Box & Pan Brake With Radius Fingers (For Sale)

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Ultimate 48″ 16 Gauge Box & Pan Brake With Radius Fingers

Mittler Brothers ULTIMATE Box & Pan Brake

$3,850 Firm

Has a unique “3 Finger” design. This design incorporates moveable fingers on the bed and apron as well as the usual upper fingers. This design allows the operator to make bend combinations that were extremely difficult if not impossible before. The ULTIMATE Box & Pan Brake has wrenchless upper set back adjustments and is designed to bend 16 gauge mild steel the full width with the included apron angle fingers. A complete set of radius fingers, bed fingers, apron angle fingers, and counterweight are standard equipment

Includes standard 2″ bending Leafs as well as 1/8″ Radius bending fingers Ideal for Light aircraft Construction.

Includes $295.00 Heavy Duty Floor Stand For 48″ Sheet Metal Brake

Pick up in Corning, Ca. and save hundreds in shipping costs, fork lift available to load.


$3,850 Firm / Contact: Brian or Carol Carpenter 530-567-5139 or 530-567-5141

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