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Of all the places we visited in the world Japan certainly stands out is one of our favorites. On our last trip to Japan we missed out on the opportunity to Takikawa Sky Park. On our next trip we hope to include a visit to this glider port in our travels. The airfield is located in Hokkaido the big island in the northeast of Japan. It’s one of Japan’s most popular glider ports.
There is a project that has captured my interest for many years now that has originated out of this glider port. That is theM-02J’s  (Turbine powerd tailess aircraft). See video. Tota Ueno is one of the many very talented innovators working on this project. Recently we had the opportunity to have Tota in one of our maintenance classes. This was a great opportunity as we had the chance to sit down and discuss some of the projects that they are currently working on. Since getting to know Tota personally, we have been corresponding on a regular basis talking about how we can share information and possibly collaborate in the future. This group of very innovative thinkers have several projects on the books, and I will link below some of the YouTube videos of their projects that they are currently working on.
 One of their most recent projects is their electric motor glider project that they’re working on.
FOP-01 (Primary/Electric Motor Glider)

 7/8 scale Ki-9 (Post WW2 biplane trainer)

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