Carol Carpenter Fly’s the EMG-6

By Carol Carpenter


The thing about life with Brian is that everything happens “suddenly.” There was no discussion leading up to Brian setting up the EMG for me to fly this evening . . .so I did not have time anticipated the event. He just asked me to sit in the plane and started adjusting the seat. The next thing I know, I am in the pilot seat and, to be honest, somewhat apprehensive.
I am buckled in, with a helmet on, and thinking. . . I don’t know about this.


Brian went over the instruments and the engine start up procedure. (Super simple)  At this point I’m still not exactly sure what the plan is. . .  I don’t even know if we are just going to do high-speed taxis or I’m actually going to fly . . . As he turns on the radio I asked, hopefully, if he’s going to be on the radio? But, no he just sets the radio to the frequency used for the Corning airport. I am feeling the need to “talk” about this a little more.



I am still fairly apprehensive as he tells me just to taxi out to the north tie down area. Here Brian has me simply follow the yellow tie down line while doing a high speed taxi.
On the second run, he just tells me to get the tail off the ground. About the third time, I start to feel comfortable and I am starting to enjoy myself. . . this is always the exact point where he takes thing to the next level and he directs me to the runway. I am apprehensive again.



Once we are repositioned on the runway, he has me step up the speed and I complete one more high speed taxi. At this point, I am thinking we are putting the airplane away and we will do some more tomorrow. But Brian says. “So, do you want to just take to around the patch? ”
Now, at this point we have only completed about 20 minutes of ground work.  So again, it is “suddenly.”



Just wow! The aircraft practically flew itself. The takeoff was smooth, the flight controls comfortable.  I quickly felt at ease.



I was really surprised how little time it took to get me in the air and for me to feel comfortable.



Really, the aircraft made me feel confident very quickly.




As I lined up the runway, I thought could always go around if I need to. . .



As the airplane rolled out following touchdown, I think I was surprised that I had actually done it.
It was a smooth landing, as smooth as any landing I have ever made.
I was back on the ground- and eager to go again. Too bad it was getting dark, I would have liked to go around once more.



I was really surprised at how little time it took for us to transition me to the EMG-6. I wasn’t even at the airport for a full hour!



The seat was just perfect. I felt comfortable and everything was within easy reach. I was concerned, at first, with the throttle set up. Since it is so different from my Vargas or the Quicksilver. But it turned out not to be an issue at all. It was comfortable and easy to adjust. I never even thought about it throughout the flight.



Looking forward to tomorrow. Great feeling, isn’t it? Right after having flown.



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