January 2015 Progress Blog

January 2015 Progress Blog Archive

1-22 Rudder Assembly Manual
1-21 Rudder Assembly Overview Video
1-20 Covering the Rudder Time Lapse Video
1-19 Finish Coats on the rudder assembly
1-18 Fabric Covering on Rudder Assembly
1-17 Low Drag Rudder Assembly Video
1-15 Rudder Spar Assembly Video
1-14 Rudder Assembly Drawings
1-13 E-Drawings 3D Download Availible for Download
1-12 Completion of (LD) Rudder Assembly
1-10 LD Rudder Design Option
1-8 GT-500 Ventral Fin Installation
1-4 GT-500 Flight Test
1-2 Fuselage Boom Kit Manufacturing
1-1 CNC Press Brake Repair
12-31 CNC Machining Fuselage Boom Sheet Metal
12-30 Video Seat to Landing Gear Box
12-29 Passenger Rudder pedal Support Tube Video
12-27 Brake Mount Tube Video
12-26 Building The EMG-6 New Episode
12-22 GT-500 “Tow Plane” Test Flight

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