December 2014 Progress Blog

December 2014 Progress Blog Archive

12-29 Passenger Rudder pedal Support Tube Video    
12-27 Brake Mount Tube Video    
12-26 Building The EMG-6 New Episode    
12-22 GT-500 “Tow Plane” Test Flight    
12-20 Drawing Updates    
12-17 51-60-10 .5 x .875 Bushing Support    
12-16 Charlie Becker Progress    
12-15 YouTube Channel Trailer    
12-14 Additional Drawings to Database    
12-13 EMG’s Moved to Main Hangar    
12-12 Aft Fuselage Fairing Modifications    
12-11 Motor Fairing Molds    
12-11 New Battery Charging System    
12-11 GT500 Tow Plane Propeller Installation    
12-11 New Drawings to Fuselage Frame    
12-10 New Drawings to Fuselage Frame    
12-9 (Video) Tow Release Handle Version 2 (test)    
12-8 (Video) Flight 55 and 56 Superimposed on Google Earth    
12-7 Tow Release Handle Redesign    
12-6 Tow Hook Pressure Release Test (failure) Video    
12-5 GT-500 Tow System Testing    
12-4 Landing Gear Box Subassembly Video    
12-2 GT-500 Tow Plane Modifications    
12-1 TigDepot

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