July 2014 Progress Blog

July 2014 Progress Blog Archive

7-28 Departure to Air Venture 2014 in Oshkosh Wisconsin
7-27 Final Touches on EMG-6-TD
7-22 Update on EMG-6-TD
7-21 Sustainer Motor Flight Test Video
7-20 Fitting the Wing Structure to the EMG-6-TD
7-20 Painting the Prototype Wing Struts
7-18 Production Prototype #3 EMG-6-TD Comes Out Of Hanger on Its Wheels
7-18 Laser Cut Parts
7-17 Progress Report
7-16 Progress Report on Production Prototype #3 EMG-6-TD
7-15 Wing Ctr. Section Cover
7-15 4130 Steel Frame Back from Powder Coating
7-15 EMG-6-TD Landing Gear Axle Installation
7-14 ESC Cooler Mounting
7-13 Rudder Assembly
7-12 New Instrument Panel for Prototype
7-11 ESC cooling modifications
7-10 Finishing up on fuselage frame for production prototype #3 (EMG-6-TD)
7-10 Wing Assembly Begins on Production Prototype #3 EMG-6-TD
7-9 Aileron Assembly
7-8 Manufacturing of Streamlined Strut Assemblies
7-8 Flight Data Graphs
7-7 1st Flights under Electric Power
7-3 Predator 37 (Sustainer Motor) 1st Run
7-2 Vertical Stabilizer Assembly
7-1 Mono Wheel Assembly

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