EMG-6 Flight #29 Flight Data (Video)

EMG-6 Flight #29 Flight Data

In this video we have shown just the instrument cam. This will give a overview of a typical flight. The aircraft is configured with the airspeed indicator on the left side of the instrument panel. The stall warning light comes on periodically and is set for 33 mph even though the actual stall speed is closer to 25 mph. On the right side of the instrument panel is the altimeter. The altitude was set at 271 feet at the takeoff point and achieved a maximum altitude of 891 feet, making this a 620 foot tow. They tow altitude was a little lower than usual primarily due to the conservative nature of the tow being the 1st flight of the day. You can see in the video that we were having to maintain altitude after take off level with the ground because of the tow vehicle being a manual transmission has a hesitation in the tow when shifting gears. On the variometer on the bottom portion of the screen is displayed altitude and vertical speed both of which are very sensitive but lag behind by several seconds as would be normal with a barometric pressure controlled instrument. Also GPS ground speed GPS track and glide ratio as a relationship of ground speed is displayed as well. You may have to watch the video in HD and order to get a clear picture of the instruments.

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